Concrete Polishing LA is your local expert on industrial concrete polishing. We’ve been providing the highest-quality industrial polished concrete in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas for years! Our team of qualified concrete contractors has been extensively trained to deliver top-quality polished concrete floors with professionalism and friendly customer service. Your industrial facility needs a floor that can hold up against that demanding environment. That’s where our company comes in. With skill and expertise, our team can install a durable, long-lasting floor that your facility needs!
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    Industrial flooring systems need to be strong, long-lasting, and resistant to various chemicals and moisture. If your industrial facility's floor isn't meeting your needs, consider switching to a polished concrete floor today! This versatile flooring system is designed to handle all of the challenges of an industrial facility.

    The Concrete Polishing

    The concrete polishing process is a multi-step process that will leave your existing concrete floor with a glossy sheen. The level of shine that your floor will have is up to your preference. The process begins with cleaning and inspecting your existing floor for damage. If any damage, such as cracking or chipping, will need to be prepared before we move on to the next steps. Damage left on your floor will only get worse over time, potentially compromising your floor’s structural integrity. Once the repairs have been made, we can move on to the next step of the process.
    The next step to polishing your industrial floor is the rough grind. This is a three or four-step process using a floor grinder with a coarse grinding wheel.
    We’ll make three to four passes with the coarse-grit diamond grinding wheel to profile, slope, and remove any minor blemishes from the floor. We’ll start with a 30- or 40-grit grinding wheel and increase the grit with each pass we make, finishing the rough grind with around a 150-grit grinding wheel. With the coarse grind finished, we’ll then seal the concrete floor with an impregnating sealer. This type of sealer will protect your concrete from the inside out while densifying and hardening the concrete as well. Once the sealer is in place and dry, we can move on to the final polishing. The floor’s actual polishing is four to five steps with a floor grinder fitted with a fine-grit polishing wheel. We’ll start polishing with a 100 or 200-grit polishing wheel, increasing the grit number with each pass we make. Typically, we finish with either a 1,500-grit or 3,000-grit polishing wheel, depending on how glossy you want the final product to be. After the polishing is completed, your floor is ready to be used!

    How to Maintain Your

    Industrial Polished Concrete Floor
    Maintaining your industrial polished concrete floor is an easy process to follow. The ease of maintenance for polished concrete is actually one of its many benefits!
    The maintenance of polished concrete is quite simple. This can benefit a variety of industrial facilities because it can save on downtime. Many facilities invest a significant amount of time in having their employees maintain the floors. With polished concrete, you can have a cleaner floor in half the time! The easiest way to maintain your polished industrial concrete is to start with a maintenance routine. Having a maintenance routine in place will allow you to keep your business organized while seamlessly integrating maintenance into your daily habit. All that the maintenance of this flooring system entails is a few daily and weekly steps. The floor should be swept, or dust mopped daily to keep hard debris off of the floor that could be embedded into its surface. Investing in a dust mop for this step can drastically reduce the time spent sweeping the floor daily. Although the polishing process densifies the concrete, making it less porous, spills should be cleaned up as they occur to lessen the likelihood of dulling the finish on the floor. Polished concrete should also be wet mopped weekly to ensure that dirt and grime don’t build up on the floor. That’s all that you need to do to ensure that your polished concrete lasts as long as possible!
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    The Benefits of Polished Concrete
    Polished concrete offers a plethora of benefits to industrial facilities. This flooring system can meet the harsh demands of any industrial environment. From the enhanced durability to the increased longevity to much more, polished concrete can do it all! Below, we’ll discuss some of the most notable benefits of polished concrete.
    The concrete polishing process hardens and densifies your concrete floor. As a result, the finished concrete floor is much more durable than a standard concrete floor. Industrial facilities are subject to dropped tools and heavy objects, high volumes of foot and vehicle traffic, and heavy machinery. Polished concrete can stand up to all of these factors without the fear of damage.
    As the polishing process increases the concrete’s strength and density, this, in turn, increases the floor’s longevity as well. When properly maintained, a polished concrete flooring system will last for 25 years or more! This increased longevity can save industrial companies unnecessary costs resulting from premature repairs and replacements.
    Thanks to the glossy sheen of a finished, polished concrete floor, they have a reflectivity. This inherent ability allows industrial complexes to use fewer lights in their facilities while retaining high visibility. This saves money on electricity bills, making the facility more energy efficient.
    Chemical Resistance
    The increased density of polished concrete makes it less porous, meaning that it can easily resist both water and various chemicals. There is no concern for these chemicals seeping through the concrete into the surrounding environment, nor is there worry for staining. Simply clean up spills as they happen to avoid tarnishing the finish on the floor.
    Sustainable Flooring
    Polished concrete is one of the most sustainable flooring solutions on the market today! When you choose to polish concrete, you’re making the most out of the floor you already have. Most traditional flooring systems or floor coatings have large amounts of waste during installation, whereas polished concrete does not.
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