When you run a restaurant, quality flooring that you can depend on that also provides a respectable aesthetic is crucial. Concrete polishing is just the floor that can do that. This versatile flooring system is as strong as it is beautiful. The glossy sheen, coupled with its rugged durability, makes it ideal for places like commercial kitchens. Our company is dedicated to providing quality polished concrete floors to our neighbors in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. With years of experience, our team has the skills and the knowledge to provide the highest quality of craftsmanship and customer service.
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    So many commercial kitchens use tiles as their flooring of choice. However, tile has many drawbacks. Grime can hide in the grout lines of tile and is quite challenging to get clean. Tile can be rather slippery when wet and is easy to damage as well. Polished concrete, on the other hand, is hard, slip-resistant, and easy to clean.

    The Concrete Polishing

    Several steps are involved in the concrete polishing process. This process is designed to harden, densify, and add a glossy sheen to the floor. The first step in the process is the cleaning and inspection of the existing concrete for damage. We look for damage like cracks or chipped areas, as they can get worse with time, compromising the floor’s integrity. Minor damage or blemishes will be removed simply through the rough grind step and don’t need to be repaired. Once repairs are complete, we can move on to the next step in the process, the coarse grinding.
    The purpose of rough grinding the concrete first is to remove any minor blemishes, such as pits or light stains from the concrete, while establishing a profile.
    To start the rough grind, we use a floor grinder fitted with a coarse grinding wheel. This is a three to a four-step process that involves switching to finer grit with each pass. We begin the grinding with a 30 or 40-grit diamond wheel and typically finish the rough grind with a 150-grit diamond wheel. Any small blemishes or light stains will have been ground out by this time, and the floor’s profile is established, including sloping the floor towards any drains. With the coarse grind finished, we will then seal the floor using an impregnating sealer that protects the concrete from the inside out. This sealer also hardens and densifies the concrete, making it less porous. After the sealer has dried, we can finally polish the concrete. This is a four or five-step process, depending on the level of sheen you desire. We typically start with either a 100 or 200-grit polishing wheel and finish with a 1,500 or 3,00-grit polishing wheel, depending on how glossy you need your floor. Once we have completed the final pass with the floor polisher, your new polished concrete floor is ready for use immediately!

    Customization Options for

    Polished Concrete
    We understand that in the commercial kitchen world, looks can be almost as important as functionality. Regardless of functionality, customers can be disappointed to see an unsightly floor where their food is being prepared.
    For that reason, we offer a broad range of customization options for our polished commercial kitchen concrete floors! One of the most notable customizations for polished concrete is that you are not limited to merely gray concrete! We have a broad spectrum of colors to choose from using concrete stains. We offer both acid-based and water-based stains. Acid-based stains react with the concrete on a chemical level, imparting permanent color, though they are limited to earth tones. Water-based concrete stains seep deep into the concrete’s pores to impart permanent color and are available in nearly any color. Multiple colors can be used to create different effects or patterns, as well! If you want a pattern on your commercial kitchen floor, we can use stencils combined with stains to create practically any design that you can think of. Concrete scoring is another option that also gives the floor texture with the pattern before we polish it. With all of the customization options that we have available, the only limit to the design of your new commercial kitchen floor is your own imagination!
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    The Benefits of Polished Concrete
    There are many benefits to polished concrete for commercial kitchen owners to enjoy! A polished concrete floor can make any business owner’s life more comfortable, especially when it comes to restaurants. With benefits like increased durability and slip resistance, polished concrete is a clear choice!
    Slip Resistance
    Despite the glossy appearance of polished concrete, the surface is actually not slippery. On the contrary, mechanically grinding and polishing the floor increases the friction and slip resistance of the floor compared to standard concrete. Polished concrete floors are often more slip-resistant than most traditional flooring systems.
    Many traditional commercial kitchen flooring materials are not remarkably durable but instead can easily crack or break. Polished concrete affords business owners a robust floor that can withstand impacts and abrasions without being damaged in the process. This can save money on costly repairs and replacement jobs.
    When it comes to running a business, having materials that last as long as possible is imperative to save on unnecessary expenses. Premature repairs or replacements can quickly cut into a business’s profits. Polished concrete is built to last much longer than conventional flooring materials and even standard concrete. When properly installed and maintained, polished concrete can last for more than 25 years!
    Reduced Maintenance
    When you’re running a restaurant or any commercial kitchen, cleaning and maintenance can take away valuable time with preparing for the next service or closing down for the night. Polished concrete requires little maintenance to keep it exceptionally clean and sanitary. Daily sweeping or dust mopping, spot mopping, and weekly wet mopping are all that’s necessary to keep this floor sanitized and beautiful.
    Water and Stain Resistance
    Commercial kitchens are subject to spills of many varieties. Whether it’s over splash from dishes or a dropped meal, messes happen. Many traditional flooring materials can be stained from spills or even damaged. Polished concrete is extremely dense, meaning that spills will not immediately soak into the floor and can be cleaned without the worry of damage or stains.
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