Our company has years of experience working with a wide variety of epoxy flooring systems. We have the skills and expertise to provide the highest quality epoxy floors that can fit virtually any design scheme in your home or business! With a wide variety of customizable options, there’s no end to the possibilities. We extensively train every team member to ensure that you’re receiving the best customer service, quality craftsmanship, and lasting results.
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    Tired of dropping hundreds on unreliable floors?
    Make the switch to epoxy flooring today!
    Traditional flooring systems can cost a fortune to maintain and repair. Not to mention, with short lifespans, you'll be switching out flooring systems throughout the life of your home or business. With epoxy flooring, you can depend on a durable floor that will last decades without needing replacement! Even the maintenance of epoxy flooring is simple, easy, and low-cost to keep up!

    Epoxy Flooring

    Installation Process
    To start off the process of installing your new epoxy floor, we begin with cleaning and inspecting your concrete slab. This is important because if there is any underlying damage that isn’t repaired prior to applying the epoxy, it can damage your new floor or prevent it from adhering correctly. If any damage, such as cracking, pits, or chipping, is found on the floor, we’ll need to repair it. We do so by filling any cracks with an injectable epoxy and patching any chipped areas or pits. Once the repairs are complete, we can begin the next step of preparation.
    The next step in floor prep is to profile the concrete using an industrial floor grinder equipped with a diamond grinding wheel.
    Profiling the concrete with a floor grinder is one of the most critical steps of this process as it ensures proper adhesion of the epoxy resin to the concrete base. After the entirety of the concrete’s surface has been ground down, we’ll clean the area once more to remove any concrete dust or debris. Following the cleaning, we’ll begin the actual application of the epoxy. It’ll be mixed and poured over the concrete. This step can vary depending on the type of epoxy you’ve selected. Standard epoxy is simple and is mixed and poured immediately. With metallic epoxy, we’ll mix metallic pigments into the resin as we apply it. We’ll spread the epoxy across the concrete using specialized tools and implement any designs or patterns that you’ve requested. Each coat of epoxy will require a few hours to dry before the next layer can be poured. If you’ve opted for decorative flake epoxy, acrylic chips will be spread across the floor before the clear topcoat is applied. Once we’ve reached the appropriate thickness for your home or business, your epoxy floor will require time to fully cure. After 24 hours, the epoxy will be 90% cured and safe to walk on without damaging its finish. After 72 hours, the epoxy is 100% cured and ready for full use!

    Where to Install

    Epoxy Floor Coatings
    There is no limit to the places that epoxy flooring can be installed, from homes to businesses to industrial facilities. Below, you can see some of the more popular locations to install epoxy flooring:
    Epoxy flooring is one of the most versatile flooring systems on the market! This unique concrete coating can be used practically anywhere in your home or business. The only place it’s not recommended is outdoors as the Sun’s UV rays can yellow the topcoat and dull the finish. However, this durable flooring can enhance any indoor space. Some of the more popular locations for epoxy are as follows:
    Garages- Epoxy is perfect for garage floors due to its increased durability and chemical resistance. Dropped tools and spilled gas have almost no effect on this hard floor.
    Basements- The ideal way to finish any basement is with epoxy flooring. The limitless customization options and water resistance will leave any basement looking beautiful and lasting as long as possible.
    Retail Stores- With the high durability of epoxy, it can withstand the massive amounts of foot traffic that these businesses receive on a daily basis!
    Factories- No flooring can compete with the functionality of epoxy in an industrial setting. The wear and tear that production floors endure is nothing that epoxy floor coatings can’t handle. These floors will last for decades in this harsh environment and save countless man-hours with its ease of maintenance.
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    Types of Epoxy Flooring
    Despite epoxy flooring getting its start in the industrial sector, this adaptive flooring system has many different types and styles that work well with commercial and residential spaces as well! Below, we’ll take a look at some of these epoxy flooring types.
    Below we have taken the liberty to outline only the most popular forms of epoxy flooring that can be found in a high end home all the way to your favorite local grocery store:
    Standard Epoxy
    Standard epoxy is the most affordable and straightforward type of epoxy flooring that we offer. Though it’s cost-effective and simple, standard epoxy provides a broad assortment of colors and patterns to choose from. From solid-color designs to intricate, dual-color patterns, this concrete coating can do it all!
    Metallic Epoxy
    This style of epoxy is created by adding metallic pigments to the resin during the mixing process. These pigments can create vivid patterns that can’t be duplicated. Metallic epoxy can be used to create attractive swirl designs and even patterns that mimic scenes from nature, such as fiery lava, rippling oceans, or even a cloud-filled sky!
    Decorative Flake Epoxy
    Decorative flake epoxy is made by spreading a layer of acrylic chips across the epoxy and then finished with a clear topcoat. These chips come in a variety of colors and sizes, ranging from 1/16 to 1 inch. These flakes even create additional slip-resistance with the added texture!
    Epoxy with Logos
    What better way to support your favorite team or your own company than with a logo embedded in the floor? We can install logos onto any style of epoxy! This can be the perfect way to enhance your basement or garage or even perfect your business entranceway!
    3D Epoxy
    Unlike epoxy with logos, 3D epoxy has a full graphic image underlay beneath the clear topcoat. This creates depth and an extreme sense of realism with the image of your choice! From beautiful, sandy beaches to the jungles of the Amazon to a mystical scene of the night sky, we can do it all!
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