Concrete polishing is one of the most affordable, sustainable ways to enhance a concrete floor today. This effective process makes virtually any concrete floor more durable and last longer. We can polish your concrete floor to any level of sheen that you want, and your floor will be ready to use as soon as we’re finished. Our company has been in the business of polishing concrete floors for years now. This experience has given us the skills and expertise to create the highest quality polished concrete floors on the market!
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    The Concrete Polishing

    The first step in concrete polishing is floor prep. Preparing the floor for polishing is essential to the success of the polishing. First, we clean and inspect the concrete for damage. Any damage that is present that cannot be ground out, such as cracking or chipping, will need to be repaired before we can move forward. We can fill cracks with an injectable epoxy filler to prevent them from spreading further. Chipping and pits will be fixed by using a concrete patch to fill the gaps. Once the repairs are complete, we’ll move forward with the surface prep.
    The most significant part of the surface prep is the rough grind, which is completed using a floor grinder with a diamond grinding wheel.
    This last part of the surface prep, the rough grinding, is typically a three to four-step process, depending on your existing concrete floor’s condition. We’ll begin the grinding with a coarse grinding wheel, typically around 40-grit to start. Then, we’ll progress to finer grits up to two more times. Once the rough grinding is completed, we’ll apply an impregnating sealer to the concrete. This sealer does not change your concrete’s color, though it does soak into the concrete to strengthen it from within. This sealer not only protects your concrete but densifies it as well, making it less porous and more resistant to spills and moisture. After the sealer is applied, the fine-grit polishing can begin. We’ll start with a fine-grit wheel, around 200-grit, and work our way up to a 1,500-grit to finish your floor with. Depending on the level of sheen you want your new floor to have, we can continue polishing beyond 1,500-grit to a 3,000-grit wheel for an extremely glossy finish. As soon as the polishing is completed, and we’ve cleaned up our mess and equipment, your newly polished concrete floor will be ready for full use!

    Where to Install

    Polished Concrete Flooring
    Many people think of polished concrete and think of Big Box stores or industrial facilities. However, polished concrete can beautify practically any space!
    Polished concrete has been a popular flooring system for commercial businesses and industrial complexes. However, this durable flooring system has made its way into residential homes across America over recent years! With the myriad of colors and patterns that can be created with polished concrete, it can enhance any space’s look. Below are some of the most popular locations to install polished concrete flooring:
    Kitchens- The kitchen can be an excellent place to have polished concrete. The inherent reflectivity of this floor can brighten your cooking space while enhancing your home’s natural beauty!
    Garages- Aside from this flooring’s aesthetic qualities, polished concrete increases the durability and chemical resistance of your floor, making it perfect for garages. These spaces are regularly exposed to wear and tear along with chemicals, such as gas, oil, and grease.
    Lobbies- The lobby of any business is the first impression that your customers get when they enter. A beautifully polished concrete floor will elevate the look of your entrance without breaking the bank!
    Manufacturing Plants- The floor of a manufacturing plant is subject to a lot of punishment. These floors need to be sturdy, resistant, and long-lasting. Thankfully, polished concrete fits the bill for all of these and more!
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    5 Benefits of Polished Concrete
    There are many exciting benefits to using polished concrete in your home or business. From benefits that affect your space’s aesthetics to functional benefits that can make work more comfortable and save you money!
    Polished concrete has one of the longest lifespans of any flooring material! You can save thousands on replacements through the years thanks to the longevity of this floor. When properly installed and maintained, polished concrete can last for more than 20 years!
    Simple Maintenance
    The maintenance of polished concrete is quite simple. Daily sweeping or dust mopping is needed to remove any dirt or debris from the floor’s surface. Wet mopping once a week, or when the floor becomes overly soiled, will keep your floor clean and shining
    Below, we’ll cover some of the more notable benefits of this versatile flooring system:
    Energy Efficient
    Concrete polishing significantly increases the reflectivity of your concrete floors. The high-gloss finish allows you to use fewer lights in your home or business with the same amount of brightness! This can save you hundreds in electricity bills every year.
    Sustainable Flooring
    Polished concrete is one of the most sustainable flooring systems on the market! Polishing concrete makes the most out of the floor you have while cutting down on waste almost entirely. Not only do you make the most out of your existing floor, but you also increase the lifespan of your floor significantly!
    The polishing process dramatically increases the durability of your concrete. Polished concrete can withstand hard impacts from heavy objects without wearing down. This durable floor can even handle high amounts of foot and vehicle traffic without dulling its finish. If you want a floor that’s as durable as it is beautiful, polished concrete is the best choice.
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